Last year after losing our beloved Sammie Ollie un-expectantly we were heartbroken. After a month had passed, we came across Barry Morgan Samoyed Pet Home, after viewing the website, seeing videos of the adorable Samoyed puppies we wanted and speaking with Barry, we knew we found the right owner to purchase our puppy from and fell in love with a little puppy we now call Oaklie. Even living in another state hundreds of miles away we knew we needed this little guy and it’s been an incredible experience for us. We have totally fallen in love with Oaklie as he brings great joy, playfulness, fun, and happiness to our whole family. He has a wonderful demeanor and does excellent with children, I run a home day care and we needed a dog that would be great with the kids and he is perfect with them. He is a true sweetheart. Everywhere we go we get so many compliments on how cute Oaklie is. Barry has always been there from beginning to end to answer our questions, from what to feed them to what supplies we need to bring him home too! Even 6 months after I will text him with a question and he’s quick to respond, Barry has invested in these puppies and has kept in touch about how Oaklie has developed and is doing. Thank you, Barry at Barry Samoyed, for trusting us with the care and love our sweet little Oaklie! If we ever get another dog, we definitely will choose Barry Morgan Samoyed Pet Home, we highly recommend him, he’s the best!!
Amy and Brad Jackson
I would like to thank Barry for breeding such beautiful, healthy, smart and sweet Samoyed puppies. Two years ago we brought Prince (the golden/red cat) into our home and our hearts. Prince is a calm, affectionate and well mannered dog who loves to cuddle. A year later, Minas joined us. He is more active and more likely to create mischief. He is also incredibly funny and is a coddler and a sweetheart. We trust Barry so much that we left our babies with them while we went on vacation (we’d never left them before). My one piece of advice, if you are considering a Sammie, is that my two puppies are very social and need tons of human contact. They learn easily and want to please but they probably wouldn’t do well in a home where people are rarely home.
Nancy Cattell
Kansas City, MO
We were so fortunate to find Barry Morgan Samoyed Pet Home. Barry and family are delightful to deal with, very professional and compassionate breeders. We indicated to Barry we had wanted to pick up our dog. He accepted and only told us to make a down payment of $500.00 which we did so all transfer documents could be ready for us. When we arrived to pick up our puppy, we were impressed with both the professionalism of the purchase and the condition of their dogs and puppies. Before we arrived, all transfer documents regarding the adoption of our puppy were already prepared. We then completed payment for the dog and took him away. The process was so easy and interesting to go through. Beautiful and extremely clean home they’ve got. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase a Samoyed puppy from Barry! And our puppy is the perfect addition to our family. He is perfectly healthy and hasn’t met a stranger yet!
Rance and Lisa Long
Godfrey, IL
The May family has had Gracie for almost three years. She is the love of our lives. She is the sweetest little dog. She is my little therapy dog, I can’t say enough about her. She has been very healthy, and a breeze to house train. ( I believe she house trained herself). She truly is a joy to have in our home. In fact, I want to get another one. Barry Morgan Samoyed Pet Home is a great breeder to find a Samoyed. These dogs are healthy, smart, very sweet natured. They have a beautiful clean home to raise these wonderful animals. We personally want to thank Barry and family for raising such lovely animals and letting us share with them the wonderful characteristics of these dogs. This is how it went with us finally getting our dog. Michelle kept troubling me about us getting a sammie. She came across Barry Morgan Samoyed Pet Home and spoke with Barry through emails. Barry told us all we needed to do and it was okay by us. We didn’t have time to travel to get our dog. Barry explained to us how the shipping was going to go and we accepted though quite skeptical. But fortunately our puppy reached us safe and sound. Barry, you’re a wonderful breeder. Thank You
Jeff and Michelle May
Derby, KS
Barry and Family, Just a note to let you know how much we are enjoying Penny. First of all thank you for breeding such a wonderful and well adjusted puppy. Our home became her home very quickly and she was playing with our other two dogs within one day. She has already been to the beach and she got everyone’s attention wherever we went. She has had her first grooming also. Our groomer said she did wonderful for her first time. Thank you for all the love that goes into your breeding program. We feel so blessed to have found you.
The Riggs family
I picked up my Samoyed male puppy May 9th 2023 at the airport myself. That was when Barry assured me I was going to pick him since I was a bit skeptical. They asked if I had wanted to wait for a home delivery or wait to pick him at the airport. I was nervous, I preferred picking him up at the airport. That’s how I received my dog. It was a great and very easy experience all through with Barry since I decided to trust him. The puppy is a sweet boy! The vets appointment was successful, a healthy puppy! I highly recommend Barry Morgan Samoyed Pet Home, they are great to work with.
Ann Pels
Couldn’t be happier with our Dixie. Purchasing a puppy through Barry Morgan Samoyed Pet Home was a delightful experience from the start till the day our girl arrived our home. I feel confident that Barry and Family will be there for us if ever needed. Dixie loves everyone and she is the hit of the neighborhood. Our puppy was shipped to us and got delivered to us at home. Though we were a bit skeptical about the safety of the dog being shipped, we were amazed; our dog arrived safe and sound. Thank you Barry for the beautiful, healthy, smart and loving puppy.
Maureen Green